• Transfers & Variations

    Transfers & Variations

    We handle all requests for transfers, alterations and variations of Liquor Licenses.
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When you sell your premises the liquor licence stays with the premises and needs to be transferred to the new operator.  This process can take from 4-6 weeks with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Regulation (OLGR) depending on the type of liquor licence being transferred. An Interim Authorisation to trade can be obtained in emergencies. 

If you are increasing or decreasing the licensed area of your premises an application to do so along with new plans is required to be submitted to OLGR. 

Any alterations to the premises over $50k requires an application to OLGR.

Any variations to a licence requires an application to OLGR. Examples of variations are:

  • a change of name of the licensed premises
  • adding a minors clause
  • adding a catering away endorsement
  • extending liquor trading hours
  • requesting increase in noise conditions by providing an acoustic report

Need help making a change to your liquor licence by variation or transfer?

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • After utilising the services of Liquor Licensing Consultants successfully on previous occasions, we acquired their sevices for our recent refurbishment of our facility. Barry facilitated our application with OLGR for an increase of our licensed space as well as a live entertainment licence of which both were obtained successfully. Barry is extremely knowledgeable of the liquor act and is very professional and organised. Barry also has good relationships with key people at OLGR making the application process easier. Our dealings with Barry and Liquor Licensing Consultants have been hassle free and I cannot recommend them highly enough. We would not hesitate to use them in the future.
  • Professional and Personable – we engaged LLC to be our consultant for all NATIONAL Liquor Licensing needs. From new Applications to general liquor licensing advice, LLC are quick to respond, all action and keep us up to date. We understand that liquor licensing is a very specialized area and we have the utmost confidence that LLC has the experience and up to date knowledge to look after our Liquor Licensing needs.
  • Barry and Sue at Liquor Licensing Consultants were great people to deal with while handling our liquor licence application and gave us efficient and personal service, ensuring a top result for a reasonable fee. I would highly recommend them.
  • Cirque Du Soleil would like to convey our heartful appreciation for your valuable support and assistance in obtaining the liquor licence for the run of the Saltimbanco tour in Brisbane. We want to especially thank you for expediting the liquor licence application successfully. (Saltimbanco 1999, Alegria 2001, Quidam 2004, Varekai 2006, Dralion 2008/9, Ovo 2012, Totem 2014, Kooza 2016).
  • A great job done again L L C , (Grill”d Wintergarden). As always your service is nothing short of professional and resassuring. Certainly make our life easier knowing you are controlling our liquor licensing needs in QLD. (All Queensland Restaurants with Liquor Licenses since 2008).